How It Works

Unfortunately, we are currently under construction. Once we launch, this is how will work and why you'll want to be a part of it.

Fantasy Sports are every where nowadays. Many, if not the majority of sports fans belong to or compete in a Fantasy League for their favorite sport or sports. At the end of each sports season, there is a period of playoffs or a tournament to determine the champion of the league. Most Fantasy Sports Leagues continue into the playoffs and a few even provide a bracket for you and your league members to fill out and predict how the playoffs will go; which teams will advance in each round and who will eventually win the championship.

The Problem:

Most Fantasy Sports sites that do provide your league with a bracket to fill out are limited in functionality and only provide brackets for one sport. If you want to fill out brackets for a number of different sports leagues, you'll need to join a different site for each sport, open a different account for each site, add each of the sites to your bookmarks, etc. This becomes a real pain. I have found that most people who play Fantasy Sports have a "focus sport" for which they will join a traditional Fantasy Sports League play, but really only like to fill out playoff or tournament brackets for the several other "non-focus sports" that they also enjoy. Therefore, joining a full season Fantasy League for these "non-focus sports" doesn't make sense and these sports fans are often left without a place to fill out their brackets for their "non-focus sports" and compete with others.

The Solution:

Join a Bracket League at!

Like traditional Fantasy Sports Leagues, Bracket Leagues have a Commissioner who pays the site fees for the league and then invites members to join. We are currently building our site to accommodate playoff brackets for 9 Sports Leagues and 23 tournaments. Eventually, we also plan on adding functionality to create Custom Brackets for local teams and tournaments. To stay informed about when Custom Brackets will be available, you can join the mailing list or follow @HostYourBracket on Twitter

Here's the twist:

Here at, our Bracket Leagues can be purchased in various sports packages which include a number of Sports Leagues throughout the year. For instance, a sports fan decides that they would like to start a Bracket League for 10 members. The fan looks over our sports packages and chooses the Big 5 Pack which includes brackets for the next upcoming playoffs or tournament in those sports.

The Big 5 package includes brackets for the following Sports Leagues:
  • National Football League (NFL)
  • National Hockey League (NHL)
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • National BasketBall Association (NBA)
  • NCAA Mens Basketball (March Madness)

The fan fills out the sign-up form with the required information, pays the fee and becomes the Bracket League Commissioner. The fan then logs in to their account and invites the other 9 members to join the league. The other members set-up their accounts and fill out their profile pages. Once the playoff teams are decided for each Sports League, a countdown timer will start for the Bracket submission period for the corresponding sport. The Bracket submission period will last until one minute before the beginning of the first playoff or tournament game at which time Brackets will become locked.

As the playoff or tournament games are played and the winners are determined, members will receive Bracket points for each correct outcome that they predicted. Points will be tallied at the end of each playoff or tournament round. Players will then be able to view a Bracket Leaderboard to see who's Bracket has received the most Bracket points thus far. Our Bracket Calculator will also determine the "Potential" points remaining that each Bracket can acquire based on the Brackets remaining pick selections. That way, when you get to the later stages of the playoffs/tournament, you'll be able to tell who is still capable of winning and who has been eliminated.

Throughout the Sporting year as each Sports Leagues playoffs or tournament begins, the Bracket for the corresponding Sports League will open to the members of your Bracket League. Once all Sports Leagues have completed for the Sports Package chosen by the Bracket League Commissioner, the Commissioner will be notified that the purchased Sports Package is complete and be offered to purchase another package for the following year. If the Commissioner and Bracket League members decide to compete again, will provide historical Bracket League information for continuing Bracket Leagues like Past Bracket Champions for each Sports League and Brackets by year for each Sports League for Bracket League Member. Year by year subscriptions may also be provided.

As stated above, is currently under construction. If you would like to stay informed in the meantime, you can join the mailing list or follow @HostYourBracket on Twitter to be the first to hear about our launch date, pricing, prizes for free leagues, bracket advice, discounts for our first group of bracket league customers and more! is NOT a gambling website. Read our Legal Policy for more information.

**Site fees will be determined on a package to package basis and have yet to be determined. Preliminary estimates are as follows:**

# of Sports Leagues Package Price Savings
1 $15 $0
2 $28 $2
3 $40 $5
4 $50 $10
5 $60 $15
6+ $70
+ $5/each additional
+ $10/each additional