About HostYourBrackets.com

For the most part, the idea to build this site came out of necessity. As the "Commissioner" of my local bracket league, I was becoming increasingly tired of trying to keep my own stack of brackets organized year in and year out. As my league(s) grew, so did the hassle of:

  • Getting Brackets Submitted on Time
  • Marking Picks Correct or Incorrect on Every Bracket after Each Game
  • Tallying up the Points on Each Bracket after Each Round
  • Calculating Who was Leading after Each (Round Based on Potential Points Remaining)
  • Communicating the Results and Standings after Each Round to Every Pool/League Member
  • Tracking the History of Our Pool/League on a Year to Year Basis

So, I decided to throw away the pencil and stack of paper and make it easier on myself by creating an easy to use online community where my league members could submit and edit their brackets, track their progress and bracket history, view the leader board for our league, etc. Of course, I was also looking to use web-based technology to automate several of the mundane "book-keeping" tasks that I needed to perform as "Commissioner" of my league.

In December 2011, I was able to launch a local site for my league just in time for the NFL playoffs. The feedback that I received from the 30 members of my league was extremely positive. The general consensus was that anyone that has ever run a bracket league as "Commissioner" or even been a member of a bracket league, would love to have a tool like this to make things easier for their league. So, HostYourBrackets.com was created with sports fans everywhere in mind. It's the perfect place to host all of your brackets for all major sports league playoffs and tournaments.

Go green, get rid of the paper and host your brackets online giving all of your office pool/bracket league participants easy access to their own accounts, brackets and leader boards. But most of all, have fun!

Steve Westfall

Founder/Creator of HostYourBrackets.com